someone do me a favor and send a shout out to your girl when the new ova is subbed goodnight and thank you

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someone do me a favor and send a shout out to your girl when the new ova is subbed goodnight and thank you

The only sound prediction Annie can make is that people will continue to be a pain in her ass


my best friend is yelling at me and peer pressuring me to the max you might get your wish as soon as the term is over

but a fucking cancer ward au


a bunch of kids in a the same ward trying to fight their cancers; some aren’t so bad —> Historia’s got a 90% chance, Sasha’s got a 75% chance. But some aren’t so lucky, like Marco and Mikasa. They all see each other in the hospital as they go through treatments and become friends.

And then Eren Jaeger comes along, whose father is this world renown oncologist and people are just cringing at the irony. His odds are absolutely horrific—> a 10% chance. But he’s all smiles and laughs because that’s fine with Eren, he doesn’t mind—10% may not be much of a chance but it’s still a chance and he’s not going to give up. He’s going to fight. Because he can’t win unless he fights. And of he loses, he dies. So he has to fight. He has to try.

His uplifting attitude does well with the other patients. Jean, who was teetering on a 50/50, sees major improvements. Armin, who was at around a 33% chance, is doing better too. Sasha, Connie, Bert, Annie, Reiner, Ymir and Historia too, they all have improvements, some major, some slight. Some become cancer free, some gain just a little more time. The doctors wonder just what Eren’s influence on these kids is. Even Mikasa, the worst of the bunch—10% odds, just like him, sees a major turn around. They think she might actually pull through. 

In the end, everyone makes it, except Marco. And as the other kids mourn his passing, Eren gets some bad news—-and his health declines quickly.

10%. That’s all he had. He fought. He told Armin to fight, he told Jean to fight, he told Mikasa to fight. and they won. But Eren doesn’t make it. The other kids get angry and upset and hurt because if anyone should have made it, it should have been Eren. Mikasa especially doesn’t get it. She was always worse off than him, she was always sicker than him, or so she thought. She wanted to give up and she lived, and Eren had to die and it’s not fair because he was life and happiness and she loved him and it all just sucks.

But the doctors are thankful for Eren because they think that he really helped those kids, and that they might not have done as well without his emotional support. He might have died, but he saved all those kids. to them—Eren still won. Kinda.

its not even my birthday

its not even my birthday

You are so fucking sassy.

this is the best compliment 

Do you know what I love the most about this blog? It's the fact that everyone seems to go along with just everything you post (I can't blame them, your AUs really are superb). Post an AU (your actors au is my fave), and the chances that it'll spawn fics and fanart are very fucking high. I really love reading them. There are headcanons, then there are your HEADCANONS which actually meant detailed character building and omfg these are so cute I will draw about it. Again, I LOVE THIS BLOG. ♥♥♥♥



I’m blushing so hard I could put a lobster to shame. 

more adoption au shenanigans 

This may be a bit unusual, but what about a chess AU? Like the characters as chess pieces or something?

I LOVE THIS QUESTION stay with me on this.

Historia is the King, the most valuable piece on the board, but also the weakest. It’s movements are severely limited and It cannot put itself in a position in which it can be captured. Its movements mimic the role of its namesake—The King is meant to lead from a protected place. Not fight.

Eren is the Queen. The most powerful piece on the board. I chose Eren to be the Queen instead of the King because Queens have the most mobility, the most “muscle” in the game. And once the Queen is captured, the game is essentially over because the King is highly vulnerable and forced to surrender.

Mikasa is a Rook, which are almost as powerful as the Queen. They do well to deliver checkmates. They are strongest at an endgame, when there are few chess pieces left on the board. 

Armin and Jean are Bishops. Bishops are normally underestimated and can be used as strategic pieces by experienced players. Because each Bishop can only reside on one or the other colored tile, they do well to cancel out each other’s weaknesses.

Levi is a Knight. Knights have the most unusual movement on the board, and are the only pieces capable of jumping other pieces. Knights mimic his athletic prowess. In chess, Knights are most powerful in crowded areas on the board—they do best in the heat of a fight.

That makes a whole lot of them pawns, but they should never be underestimated. While they have very limited moves, they are still important. After all, if pawns make it to the other side, they can be promoted to any other piece—even a Queen.